Beauty Knows No Gender

Where do you go? Where can you be open about it?

At The Brow Studio you can.

We have a team of people on hand that are experts in their fields. Let us create a natural feminine look for you. If you already have the correct look, we are here to help you maintain a well groomed appearance. If there is a beauty service you are interested in that we do not offer, we will source it for you and make it available.

Our image consultant will take you shopping; show you the correct outfits and colours that will suit you. Second day is taking care of your hair, be it just re-styling what you have or getting a good quality wig, no stone is left unturned to make sure you have fabulous hair.

We all know that to look really feminine your have to have perfect nails. Our in-house nail technician is available to give you fabulous looking nails, be it just a manicure or colour.

And then we have our in house image consultant, who knows just by one look, what will suit you and what wonít. Your hair removal needs, your styling and your etiquette skills are in her hands. A perfectionist in every aspect of her life, and once on the job, totally dedicated to you, and at the end of a phone call, should you need her. Or you may have a special occasion and need help being dressed, then our image consultant is on hand.

RememberÖ even if you donít say a word...your image will

So donít let people stare at you as you try to be normal as you walk down the street. If people are staring itís not because they can see who is really beneath the female clothing and find that funny, itís because you have got it wrong and stand out because you are dressed wrong, are walking wrong, have the wrong hairstyle or your makeup is wrong. We deal with anything from the skin upwards with permanent makeup to eyelash extensions, through to your styling. Do it properly and look natural, that way you can fit into society and be proud of who you really are on the inside and make the outside be the best it could ever be.

Eyebrows, Waxing, lashes