The Nail Dressers


The Nailsdressers, based in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon, offers a touch of luxury for your nails. As the town's #1 nail treatment salaon/lounge, we take pride in our highly skilled and attentive nail technicians. The Naildressers offers top quality treatments, from classic manicure or pedicure to acrylic nail extensions and nail art.

So whether it's just a manicure or sculptured nail art, our moto is 'Our job isn't complete until you leave with that 'I LOVE my nails look on your face!' And remember...Life can't always be perfect...but your nails can!

The Naildressers is next door to The Brow Studio (old Numpty La shop). Entrance to the new Bell Court from the Rother Street side.

UNIT 30, BELL COURT, STRATFORD ON AVON CV37 6EX | Tel: 01789 508 023 | Fb/naildressers

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Full Set of Extensions
Sculptured nail extensions to add length to your nails.

2 hrs 40

Full set of French acrylic extensions
Sculptured nail extensions with white acrylic tips to add length to your nails.

2 hr 30 mins 42

Full set of acrylic nail overlay
Acrylic over your own natural nail to add strength.

1 hr 25

Infill 2/3 weeks maintenance
Maintenance of acrylics, needed every 2 to 3 weeks
(time and price is depending on condition of your acrylic.

1 hr 30 mins 20/25


Gel Polish.

1 hr 25

Gel Polish Soak off (free if having a new set).

1 hr 19


Mini manicure/Pedicure
Prep for gel polish if needed.

10 mins 10/12

Manicure and polish
Cuticle/file and polish.

20 mins 20

Luxury manicure
Cuticle, file, shape, exfoliate, massage and mask

1 hr 35

Luxury Pedicure
Cuticle, file, shape, exfoliate, massage and mask.

1 hr 10 mins 37


Add Gel Polish

30 mins 8

Add Nail Polish
(allow for drying time)

30 mins 6

Add Paraffin Wax

15 mins 6


Add Swarovski (each)
add application time to treatment


Swarovski pedi (all toes)
Add mini pedicure if needed

1 hr 50

Bespoke Nail Art

per 15 mins 5/20

Swarovski pedi (all toes)
Add mini pedicure if needed

1 hr 50

Bespoke Nails

per hour 40

Please note: treatments charged are as per description only, If you want to add a gel polish, nail polish or a manicure - please add this to your main treatment to ensure we have allocated enough time for you.


Eyebrows, Waxing, lashes